Security problems solved with leading brand alarm systems

GPS trackers installed
Keyless car entry systems
Online across New Zealand and locally in Christchurch, Canterbury

Insurance company approved car alarms and immobilisers installed in our Christchurch workshop

The security of your individual mode of transport is increasingly important in this day and age. To help protect your vehicle ProTect Auto sells a range of car alarms and immobilisers online, or installs them at the Christchurch workshop if you are a Canterbury local.

On offer are three, four, and five star grade security products that are approved by insurance companies and expertly installed to their specifications by the ProTect team. Your insurance premiums will be significantly reduced if you make use of this service.

Stop worrying about grand theft auto and give ProTect Auto a call today about your vehicle security options.

ProTect Auto provides effective security solutions for your vehicle with alarms, immobilisers, GPS trackers, and keyless entry systems

The car alarms and immobilisers supplied and installed by ProTect Auto are by leading brands such as AVS, Mongoose, and Victor. The qualified team are always alert to possible security issues, and will advise you about the best solution for your vehicle.

You can also get GPS trackers installed that pair up with your mobile to track your car in the unlikely event that it is stolen.

For your convenience, even older cars without factory fitted central locking can have a retro-fit keyless entry system installed by the skilled guys at ProTect Auto. The team can also advise on replacement transponder keys and have the capability to programme most major makes and models.

For all your security concerns, ask ProTect Auto to help with your vehicle’s security system and programming of keys and remotes, along with advice about car audio systems and fault diagnostics.