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Dashboard warning lights suddenly flashing? If your check engine light is flashing or constantly on, there could be a fault with your car’s management system. It could be a component or wiring fault, or the system may simply need a reset.

Don’t panic, just book your vehicle into ProTect Auto pronto for a computerised diagnostic scan of your fault codes. Once your problem is identified, the expert team at ProTect Auto will troubleshoot it for a reasonable price.

Call ProTect Auto today to book your vehicle in for an electrical fault diagnostics check.

Regular fault diagnostic checks can save lives out on the road

For your road safety and peace of mind, it is important to regularly test that your engine check lights, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags are working correctly. ProTect Auto can give your car a diagnostic scan to make sure everything is alright.

Remember that ProTect Auto specialises in auto electrical diagnostics and not engine problems. You should contact your local garage about general mechanical issues.

All kinds of auto electrical problems fixed and car batteries fitted in our Christchurch workshop

ProTect Auto provides a wide range of general auto electrical services alongside full vehicle fault diagnostics.

When general electrical faults occur in your car, such as the doors not locking, windows not winding, or mirrors not moving, the friendly team at ProTect Auto can save you time and money by finding and fixing the problem quickly and effectively.

If your car battery is faulty or dead, ProTect Auto can replace it with the right brand at a reasonable price.

Get in touch with ProTect Auto if you need help with any general auto electrical faults and for advice about car audio and security systems, or key and remote issues.