10 Inch EX2-R Light Bar Single Row RGB Enabled


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Introducing the NARVA EX2 range of light bars which has been designed with the DIY 4WD enthusiast in mind and is also ideal for a wide range of fleet and transport applications! With EXceptional beam pattern performance, EXtra-easy installation, EXceptional build quality and EXtensive customisation options to EXpress yourself.


  1. RGB Enabled Position Lights- App controlled RGB technology allows you to customise the light pipes on your enabled EX2R light bars to one of 48 different colours.
  2. Clever harness-free installation- EX2 eliminates the need for a harness, making it the easiest to wire on the market, with no components needing to be routed through the firewall.
  3. Nylon composite mounting brackets- Lightweight yet strong composite glass-filled nylon brackets offer increased vibration resistance and eliminate the risk of corrosion or rust.
  4. Exceptional performance- EX2’s hybrid beam provides outstanding width and distance, without dark spots or hot spots, ensuring exceptional clarity in the dark. 1 lux is available at 700m.
  5. EX2 allows for a custom look with 8 interchangeable trims! Slate (Grey), Stealth (Black), Sunburst (Yellow), Volcano (Red), Electric (Blue), Hyper (Green), Juiced (Orange), and Bubblegum (Pink)
  6. 7 year warranty.
  7. 9 – 33V Input Voltage Range
  8. 8 LEDs
  9. 2,720 raw / 2,235 effective