Aeromax 12/24V led rotating beacon amber


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The new Aeromax L.E.D rotating beacon provides the performance characteristics of a traditional rotating beacon with the increased light output and reliability offered by L.E.D technology. The difference between the Aeromax L.E.D rotating beacon and a traditional L.E.D strobe is that it produces light that can be seen on surrounding surfaces where strobes produce more directional light which is designed to be seen.


  • Using 6 x 1W L.E.Ds paired with an engineered rotating optic which provide SAE Class 1 output.
  • Quiet operation due to CISPR 25 approval.
  • Low current draw.
  • Dual voltage circuitry.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens with die-cast aluminium base for maximum durability.
  • Fully sealed and waterproof (IP67).
  • Magnetic base includes a suction pad for extra security and spiral lead with cigarette/merit plug.