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Wireless CarPlay

The iLX-107 gives you the luxury of simply getting in and going. It allows you to seamlessly access your iPhone on your vehicle’s touchscreen without having to stop and connect a cable every time you get in.

Smartphone Navigation

Wherever you go let Apple CarPlay show you the way. The simplicity of Apple Maps will guide you with turn-by-turn spoken directions, interactive 3D views, traffic conditions and estimated travel time all from your dashboard.


Apple CarPlay gives infinite music right from your dashboard. Play your favourite music from your iPhone and playlists you’ve created, or play whatever music genre or artist you want from Apple Music Radio or Spotify.

Siri Voice Control

Siri is your perfect copilot and is easily activated from the hard key on the iLX-107. Tell Siri what you’d like to listen to and Siri will be on it. Want a text message read or sent, make a call, or set a navigation destination? Siri has it handled.

Voice Text Messages

Apple CarPlay delivers a safe way to stay in contact with your friends and family. Through voice commands, Siri can read and reply to your text messages so that you never glance at your phone behind the wheel.

Direct Camera Input

Alpine makes parking a breeze by adding a rear camera system to the iLX-107. You can easily connect an Alpine direct camera system, or alternatively retain the factory reverse camera with an optional vehicle specific lead.

Manufacturer Alpine Product model iLX-107
Condition New SKU ILX107