Alternator 12V 100A Opel / Holden


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Adjusting Hole Diameter: M8

Pulley V Distance From Bracket: 6RIB
Pulley Diameter (mm):
Shaft Size (mm) :
Stator Diameter (mm):

Holden/Opel – Astra, Calibra, Frontera, Omega, Vectra
1.4L, 1.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L, 2.2L – Various – 1991-on

NOTE: Will directly replace Delco Remy and earlier version
Bosch units

C14SE, C14NZ, C16SE, C18SEL, C18XE, C18XEL, C20LET, C20NE,
C20SE, C20SEL, C20XE, C22SEL,
X14XE, X16SZ, X16SZR, X16XEL, X17DTL, X18XE, X20SE, X20XEV,
Y16XE, Y22XE,
Z16XE, Z18XE, Z18XEL, Z22XE,
16LZ2, 20NEJ.

Lug Mount

Manufacturer : Bosch
Volt : 12V
Amp : 100A
Type : NC – IF/IR
P.L.D. : 58
C-C : 185
P.H.D. : 10

Makes & Models

Make Model
Daewoo C20SED
Daewoo C22SED
Daewoo Leganza
Holden 16LZ2
Holden 20NEJ
Holden Astra
Holden C14NZ
Holden C14SE
Holden C16SE
Holden C18SEL
Holden C18XE
Holden C18XEL
Holden C20LET
Holden C20NE
Holden C20SE
Holden C20SEL
Holden C20XE
Holden C22SEL
Holden Calibra
Holden Frontera
Holden Omega
Holden Vectra
Holden X14XE
Holden X16SZ
Holden X16SZR
Holden X16XEL
Holden X17DTL
Holden X18XE
Holden X20SE
Holden X20XEV
Holden Y16XE
Holden Y22XE
Holden Z16XE
Holden Z18XE
Holden Z18XEL
Holden Z22XE
Opel 16LZ2
Opel 16LZ2
Opel 20NEJ
Opel 20NEJ
Opel Astra
Opel C14NZ
Opel C14SE
Opel C16SE
Opel C18SEL
Opel C18XE
Opel C18XEL
Opel C20LET
Opel C20NE
Opel C20SE
Opel C20SEL
Opel C20XE
Opel C22SEL
Opel Calibra
Opel Frontera
Opel Omega
Opel Vectra
Opel X14XE
Opel X16SZ
Opel X16SZR
Opel X16XEL
Opel X17DTL
Opel X18XE
Opel X20SE
Opel X20XEV
Opel Y16XE
Opel Y22XE
Opel Z16XE
Opel Z18XE
Opel Z18XEL
Opel Z22XE

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