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G4X PlugIn Key Features (where applicable):

Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping

Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control)

Sequential fuel delivery

Digital triggering, all OEM patterns

OEM idle hardware supported

5D boost control with three switchable tables

Motorsport features – antilag, launch, flat shift

Continuous barometric correction (on board)

CAN port

QuickTune – automated fuel tuning

Individual cylinder correction

USB tuning cable included

Stats recording into on-board memory

Gear compensations for spark, boost and fuel

Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps

Sync and crank sensors can be a combination of Hall effect, variable reluctance or optical

Boost control referenced to gear, speed or throttle position

512 mega bytes data logging memory

Staged injection

Knock with “windowing”

The following expansion connector inputs/outputs are provided:

Gnd Sensor Ground Only

+5V Out Low Current +5V Supply

DI 10 Digital Input for switching functions.

DI 9 Digital Input for switching functions.

An Volt 9 Analog 0-5V input

An Volt 8 Analog 0-5V input

An Temp 4 Temperature sensor input

Aux 8 Auxiliary output (2.0 amps maximum when driving to GND. 0.5 amps maximum when driving high.)

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