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Model: AVSRM70C
This 7” cost effective heavy duty LCD monitor comes with a bracket fitting for mounting on any suitable flat surface using the supplied adhesive pad. It can have up to two cameras connected to the monitor which comes with heavy duty robust connections and components.
• 7” high resolution commercial colour LCD monitor
• Suitable for 12 to 24 volt vehicles (note: if fitting to a 24 volt vehicle the camera must be powered from the LCD monitor the camera CANNOT be connected directly into the vehicle’s 24 volt power supply)
• Wide screen display switchable16:9 or 4:3
• Strong unobtrusive pedestal mount (height/swivel/tilt adjustable)
• Sunshade for the monitor
• 2x 4-pin inputs for up to two cameras (includes 12 volt power to the cameras)
• The camera image can be horizontally and/or vertically flipped so the monitor can be mounted four ways – upright at the front of the vehicle upright at the back roof mounted at the front or roof mounted at the back of the vehicle
• Adjustable display settings
• On screen display (OSD) with remote or push button control
• Switch between camera views with easy push button on remote or screen
• If using with a reversing camera when the vehicle is in reverse gear the LCD monitor will automatically switch to display the camera image even if the monitor is not turned on
• Heavy duty 4-pin connectors – female plugs
• Will accept both PAL and NTSC format cameras
• Dimensions:
Screen with hood: 175 x 115 x 43mm
Height with bracket: approx 115 – 155mm (height/swivel/tilt adjustable)
Bracket foot: 120 x 90mm
• Add your choice of 5 10 15 20 or 25m 4-pin extension cable