Boschmann AL-170SEZ


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Brand New Pair of Boschmann car audio speakers

The Boschmann AL-170SEZ component kit has a 6.5″ fitting 2-Way woofers.

Possess all the excellence of audio car speaker technology through the Boschmann 200W Component Kit with Mica Fiber Woofers, 1-inch PEI Neodymium Dome Tweeters, 12dB/OCT Crossovers & all the sub parts that comprise the Boschmann AL170SEZ car stereo component kit.

Boschmann AL-170SEZ component kits are ideal replacements for most factory speakers in Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Suzuki cars. Suited to run directly off any head unit or small car amplifier for most dash or car door fitment.

Assemble it now in your car so you will hear enriched and definitely clear car stereo sounds. Drive down the highway with your Boschmann component kit blaring great music while on a majestic trip.

SPECIFICATIONS (each woofer)

* Woofers
:: Max Power: 200 Watts
:: Continuous RMS Rating: 50 Watts
:: Recommended Amplifier Power: 5-50 Watts Per Channel RMS
:: 2-Way System Speakers
:: Aluminium Die-Cast Frame
:: Hybrid Custom Fit Series
:: 17cm Mica Fiber Woofers
:: Frequency Response: 28Hz ~ 58,000Hz
:: Sensitivity: 91dB
:: Impedance: 4 Ohms
:: Mounting Depth: 47mm
:: Cut-out required: 123mm
:: Maximum outside speaker diameter: 6.5″ / 170mm
:: Mounting Depth: 57mm
:: Magnet Diameter: 80mm
:: Required clearance above mounting surface (tweeter protrudes): 0mm
:: Speaker Weight (each): 750grams

* Tweeters
:: 25mm PEI Neodymium Dome Tweeter
:: Mountable: Surface & Flush

* Crossovers
:: 12dB/OCT

:: 2x Woofers
:: 2x Tweeters
:: 2x Crossovers
:: Installation accessories: speaker wire and screws