Cerwin Vega – VPAS12


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CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE’S assortment of award-winning VEGA ACTIVE POWERED SUBWOOFERS provides the ultimate all-in-one Bass Solution Package without taking up any valuable trunk space. With a fully integrated amplifier encased in a cast aluminum heatsink in conjunction with the subwoofer, simple plug and play operation is achieved. The innovative Spare Tire Application Product offerings make for a custom-fit look for most vehicles.

Power: 250W RMS@4ohm@100Hz, 600W Max
Bass Boost: 0-12dB
LPF Filter: 30-150Hz
Phase Switch: 0 or 180 degrees
PWM MOSFET Power Supply/Thermal Protection Circuit
Adjustable Input Sensitivity
Remote Subwoofer Control Included
RCA and High-Level Inputs
Passive Radiator Design
Slim 12” 4O subwoofer
Dimensions: 13.6” X 11.1” X 3.15”(L X W X H)
345 mm X 282 mm X 80 mm (L X W X H)
Remote Bass Knob Included