Optimax led rotating beacon amber pole mount


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Optimax LED beacons are engineered to produce smooth, highly visible rotating patterns suitable for all civil applications. This has been achieved by a proprietary reflector optic to spread the light combined with 6 x 5 watt high power LEDs. This output ensures Optimax LED Beacons meet Heavy Vehicle Regulation 2013 No.77. This extreme output also makes the Optimax beacon range as visible even as traditional halogen beacons with 55W (or 70W) globes with a fraction of the current draw.


  • LED technology ensures no blown globes due to continued use.
  • Vibration resistant. Stepper motor & over voltage protection.
  • Diecast aluminium base, virtually unbreakable lens & rated to IP67, which makes it more durable.
  • More visible thanks to its 6x5W (30W) LED output.
  • 10-33V input voltage range.
  • Current draw 2A at 12V
  • Pole Mount base
  • CISPR Class 3.
  • 5 mounting options.