Rotaflex Beacon Amber Optic 12V


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Type : Beacon – Halogen
Mount : Pole
Colour : Amber
Suppression : Suppression – Full
Size : 135 x 222mm
Feature : R65 – Physical Rotate

Product Details / Applications

Class 1 = On-road vehicles operating in speed of traffic (eg: fire, police,
ambulance, rescue, pilots, breakdown utes, tow trucks)

Class 2 = Offroad vehicles and those NOT in speed of traffic (eg; forklifts,
industrial machines etc)
Class 3 = Not moving at all (eg; buildings, gensets etc)

Polycarbonate lens, flexible rubber base.

Current Draw: 5.5A @ 12V

Rotation: 160 +/- 30 rpm

RF Supression: VDE 0879, Class 3, FM 5

Mounting: Tubular base incorporates connection plug. Must be used in
conjunction with one of the connecting pieces below.

Protection: IP 5K4K (Protected against dust and water splashing with
increased pressure) IP 9K (Protected against high-pressure / steam jet cleaning)

ECE Compliance: E4 6509