Viper 516L Programmable Voice System


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Add pre-programmed messages in either English or Japanese to your security system as an addition to the siren, including Viper specific messages. Users can also record custom messages. The 516L can also be used as a P.A. system.

Viper 516L offer verbal arm and disarm confirmation for your alarm and can be set to say either “Viper Armed, Viper Disarmed” or “System Armed”, “System Disarmed”. Technically this units can work any alarm that has a ground when armed so you can still add one to your system even if you don’t have a Viper (or any other Directed Electronics alarm). The advantage of having one wired up to a Viper alarm is that it will support remote silent arming/disarming so you have the option of being quiet. The 516L comes with a microphone which can work as a PA system and allow you to record your own custom messages. Features: Voice Module Adds English or Japanese Voice Messages to Security System Control Module, Speakers, and Wire Harnesses Included PA Mode with Included Microphone Generates Generic or Viper Specific Voice Messages Microphone Included for Custom Messages Record nine different five second messages with microphone Volume Adjustment Knob Can also be used as a PA system with Included Microphone