Boschmann ADT-39S Tweeters


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Brand New Pair of Boschmann Bullet Dome Tweeters

The Boschmann ADT-39S 95mm car audio tweeters are designed to specifically produce high frequencies. This pair of speakers is ideal for use in installations that include subs producing excessive amounts of low frequency bass.

The high frequency ADT-39S drivers offer to ensure that vocals and other high frequency sounds are not overpowered by your excessive subwoofers in the car audio system.

The ADT39S features a pure titanium diaphragm to play super high frequency music with intense detail while the extra high flux density magnet provides you to handle up to 100W RMS power ensuring your music will sound great with a high quality power amplifier.

* 95mm Bullet Dome Tweeters
* High SPL Design
* Pure Titanium
* Bullet Dome
* Tweeter

SPECIFICATIONS (per dome tweeter)
:: Peak Power Handling: 300W
:: 100 Watts Continuous RMS
:: Driver Type: Bullet Dome
:: Frequency Range: 3,500 Hz – 22,000 Hz
:: Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
:: Recommended Amplification: 5-100 rms
:: Sensitivity: 93dB (@1w/m) SPL
:: Peak SPL: 98dB
:: Mounting Holes C/C (3 Point): 70x70x70mm
:: Mounting Depth: 28mm
:: Mounting Diameter: 75mm
:: Magnet Diameter: 70mm
:: Overall height: 42mm
:: Speaker Weight: 500grams
:: Speaker Covers: No

:: 2x 95mm 300W Bullet Dome Tweeters
:: Supplied in retail packaging with secure cardboard protection