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Equip your vehicle with a radar detector to avoid getting caught by local law enforcement for exceeding speed limits. It’s a safer and smarter way to navigate the roads and enhance your driving experience.

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ProTect Auto supplies and installs a range of WHISTLER radar detectors to help you drive smartly. Our professional team will help you choose the right radar detector as per your requirements.

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Why Do You Need A Radar Detector?

By investing in a radar detector, you not only enhance your ability to adhere to speed limits, contributing to a more informed and confident driving experience. When a radar detector detects the presence of radar/laser signals in its vicinity, it activates an alert mechanism to warn you. This alert is usually in the form of a visual display, auditory tones, or both.

This advanced notice allows you to adjust your speed promptly, avoiding potential speeding tickets. Some radar detectors come with integrated GPS technology which helps you stay informed about known speed trap locations, red-light cameras, or speed limits for specific road segments.

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Radar Detector

Radar Detector Installation Christchurch

Radar detection installation demands precision and professional expertise. Therefore, you should call professional auto electricians at ProTect auto for a hassle-free installation. From identifying optimal placement locations to concealing wiring and seamlessly integrating controls, our electricians ensure a stress-free installation experience.

Our proficiency extends beyond the mere connection of devices; it encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s electrical system and the nuances of radar detection technology. Entrusting the installation to auto electricians at ProTect Auto not only guarantees a hassle-free process but also ensures that your radar detection system operates at peak efficiency.

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Features Of Our Radar Detectors

We stock a range of radar detectors including WHISTLER PRO93GXI, WHISTLER GT468G, WHISTLER GT268XI, and WHISTLER GT138XI. WHISTLER radar detectors are designed to provide a comprehensive defense against speed traps and traffic enforcement tools. With features like FDSR (Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection) and TFSR (Traffic Flow Sensor Rejection), these radars effectively combat false alerts generated by collision avoidance and traffic flow sensors in modern vehicles.

Moreover, the GPS feature not only delivers accurate speed information but also keeps you informed about red light and speed camera locations. With additional features like Stay Alert™, alert periscopes, selectable tone alerts, and 360° MAXX coverage, the Whistler radar detector offers a sophisticated defense against speed enforcement, making it a must-have for any road-savvy driver.

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Navigate The Roads Of NZ with Confidence

We understand the significance of staying informed and prepared on the road, and our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best tools for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Our radar detectors offer advanced warnings, allowing you to adjust your speed proactively and navigate the diverse terrains of New Zealand seamlessly. With this advanced device looking out for you, you can focus on relishing the beauty of the journey while staying one step ahead on the road.

Contact us today for radar detector installations, and our auto electricians in Christchurch will come equipped to your location, or you can visit our workshop in Christchurch for installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, radar detectors are absolutely legal in New Zealand. However, it’s essential to note that speeding remains both illegal and hazardous. If you happen to be pulled over, and the cops observe your radar detector, you won’t receive any sympathy. So, it’s important to stay mindful of speed limits and drive responsibly.

While higher up on the windscreen is preferable, it’s not imperative. Your radar detector can be installed in virtually any position on your car – be it on the window, dashboard, or even the seat. The key requirement is that it can receive a GPS signal for static speed camera alerts to function properly.

Yes, most radar detectors can detect traditional radar guns and laser speed measurement devices. However, it’s essential to choose a detector with advanced features to stay ahead of evolving law enforcement technology.

Yes, radar detectors have a range limitation based on factors like the type of radar being used, terrain, and weather conditions. Typically, the average range for most detectors is approximately 1 to 2 miles for highway use and around 500 to 1,000 feet for city driving. However, some advanced models offer long-range detection of up to several miles.

GPS integration allows radar detectors to provide additional features such as red-light camera alerts, known speed trap locations, and the ability to lock out false alerts in specific locations.

Many radar detectors are designed for easy transfer between vehicles. However, some may require additional accessories for compatibility.

While radar detectors provide advanced warnings, responsible driving and adherence to speed limits are crucial for avoiding traffic violations. They serve as a tool to enhance awareness and promote safer driving practices.

When installed properly by expert electricians, radar detectors should not interfere with other electronic devices in your car.