Boschmann BW-1129RS


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Accurate, Tight & Clean.

BassUp represents the next evolutionary level in MDF enclosure loudspeakers that are powered by precision HFET amplifiers. Our system engineers created the series alongside music professionals with attributes expected by performing musicians, while at the same time fulfilling the tall order of delivering a product that is incredibly slimmer and significantly finer than conventional powered wood enclosure models. Tight, accurate & faithful to its source signal – BassUp now.


Designed for general environments and ready-fit into large vehicle rear seat installation for the extraordinary direct bass firing impact

Band Pass Order: 3rd
Crossover (variable) : 18dB/octave LPF @ 35 – 150Hz
Input Sensitivity : 100mV – 5V/250mV – 2.4V
Damping Factor : 180
Bass Boost : 0 to +18dB @ 40Hz
Phase Shift : 0 to 180deg
Output Power@13.8V (Cont / Peak) : 180w/600 watts
System Program Power @14.4V (Cont/Peak) : 215w/700 watts

Unit: 1 piece with remote control & installation accessories (optional wiring kit)