Boschmann V-1266XRF


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V-1266XRF – Dual voice coil car audio sub woofer

The 12″ 900W V1266XRF sub woofer from Boschmann should be considered as one of the most impressive achievements in car sub woofer technology. It not only performs exactly to specifications, but operates with incredible efficiency at optimum in a small sub box, and has astoundingly low distortion to resonance ratio with immense output ability.

The V-1266XRF car sub performance only happened when the sub woofer specialists at BM Audio Labs combine their passion for music with a serious attention to professional accuracy and persistence to fine detail.

If you are into good, tight, clean bass you owe it to yourself to audition BM Audio Labs 12-inch V1266XRF competition subwoofer now!

Boschmann car stereo subwoofers have become well known in New Zealand. Their car audio range produce powerful yet clear audio. They are quality car subs that perform extremely well with huge grunty magnets. Customers are coming back to us again and again telling us the Boschmann car sub range produce some serious car sound.

Performance is what matters.. by a Boschmann car audio sub woofer today for your nearest Boschmann dealer.

* Vented & Extended Pole Piece DDT Motor Driver
* 12-inch Subwoofer for Automobile HI-FI Systems
* Aluminium Chassis Frame
* DVC: Dual 2″ ASV Voice Coil

:: 12-inch (300mm) Car Sub Woofer for Automobile HI-FI Systems
:: Max Power: 900 Watts
:: Continuous RMS Rating: 300 Watts
:: Recommended Amplifier Power: 50-200 Watts Per Channel RMS
:: Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 2,200Hz
:: Sensitivity: 89 dB/w*m (SPL)
:: Nominal Impedance: 2×4 Ohms
:: Maximum outside sub diameter: 12″ / 300mm
:: Mounting Points (8 Point) *C/C: 115mm x 210mm
:: Mounting Depth: 127mm
:: Magnet Diameter: 140mm
:: Sub Weight: 3.0kgs

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS (per each voice coil)
:: FS, resonance: 40Hz
:: VAS, volume of acoustical suspension: 60.6 litres
:: QTS, total q-factor: 0.92
:: QES, electrical factor: 1.052
:: QMS, mechanical factor: 7.357
:: CMS (uM/N): 186
:: MMS (Grams): 116.8
:: SD Cone Area: 510 cm/2
:: Voice Coil Diameter: 50mm
:: Voice Coil DCR (Re): 2X4 ohms
:: LEVC (mH): 0.51
:: XMAX, peak-to-peak linear excursion: 8mm
:: Peak-to-peak Maximum Excursion: 14mm
:: Reference Efficiency: 0.394%