Cyclops 12 Volt Universal Alarm Siren


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Type : Siren
Application : Standard Alarm Siren
Features : 12V Suits P375/T & P775/T

Product Details / Applications

12V Universal Alarm Siren

The 03-012 universal alarm siren has a trigger wire which can be connected to constant
positive then driven negative by alarm, or connected to chassis then driven positive by
alarm system (consult alarm specification for appropriate connection)

Audio Output

  • Sound Frequency bandwidth 1500Hz to 3550Hz.
  • Sound Pressure Level no less than 90dB and no greater than 115dB @ 1metre.


  • Idle Current Draw 0mA
    Sounding Current Draw: 1000mA maximum
    Operating voltage: +9VDC to +15VDC
  • Able to be configured in both positive and negative trigger
  • 79mm x 75mm x 60mm