Cyclops Alarm Remote Control


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Type : Remote / Transponder
Application : Remote Control
Features : Alarm Remote Control As Per 03-034 (Late

Product Details / Applications


NOTE – Directly replaces earlier “Arrowhead” shaped 4XR Remote !!

Note: See below link for replacement 2 x 03-095 batteries

  • Transmission Frequency: 433MHz pulse width modulated
  • Pseudo random encryption method: Each remote control generates a completely new and
    pseudo random identification code, each code is only ever used once. This ensures any
    code digitally recorded radio transmission will not arm/disarm any system
  • LED colour: Green, high intensity surface mount LED
  • Remote battery life: The CR2016 3 volt 80mAH Lithium battery has a expected average life
    span of between 9 and 18 months (depending on usage)

Compatible Alarms/Immobilisers: 03-P275, 03-P355, 03-P485