Directed 556UXL Universal Bypass


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Interface module used when installing remote start products in vehicles equipped with a transponder or RF (Radio Frequency) based immobiliser system.

Start your car remotely, even if it needs a key with a chip

Some vehicles absolutely need the key or fob to be in close proximity to the ignition switch in order to start. This transponder key uses a radio-frequency signal to disarm the vehicle’s immobilizer, so you can start it. Directed’s 556UXL bypass module provides a clever work-around, so you can add a remote start system that’ll work in such a vehicle.

You put a key in it

You will need to permanently install one of your vehicle’s keys inside the 556UXL module. (The 556UXL is a larger version of the 556UW, designed to handle larger keys.) If you need that spare key, you can buy one through your dealer and have it programmed to work with your car’s immobilizer. Ask your dealer if keys can be programmed individually — some vehicle manufacturers require that all keys be reprogrammed at one time.

Product highlights:

  • universal immobilizer bypass for a remote start system
  • compatible with most factory RF immobilizer or transponder systems
  • requires permanent key mount
  • temporarily overrides the factory immobilizer
  • maintains integrity of factory anti-theft system
  • kit can be tuned for use with European or domestic vehicles
  • supplied harnesses splice into factory wiring