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The NAKAMICHI NC-5L rear view camera proudly carries the name of this trusted brand and is designed for universal use. Best of all, it is super affordable and definitely a must-have safety feature for all vehicles.

Built to take the stress away from driving in reverse, this versatile 90° lens-angle color CMD (photosensitive chip) camera comes with night vision capabilities so driving at night is no longer an issue. On top of that, a color CMD camera captures and projects both dark areas and brightly illuminated areas easily and clearly. The IR-illumination adjusts exposure almost instantly when emerging from darkness to bright light.

The NC-5L rear view camera certainly gives you the upper-hand in preventing accidents, avoiding children, traffic, pedestrians, pets, curb ways and even forgotten toys left behind your vehicle while backing out of the driveway or parking space. Now you can reverse park like a pro as this nifty camera accords you with a view from the back of the car complete with intelligent trajectory tracks for a more accurate judgment.

NAKAMICHI is synonym with superior quality and together with excellent engineering, competitive pricing and a strong worldwide presence, it comes as no surprise that NAKAMICHI products are a top choice among vehicle owners. Hesitate no longer. Install the NC-5L rear view camera in your ride today!


Trusted Japanese brand name in acoustics and electronics
Super affordable
Must-have preventive safety measure
Color CMD (Photosensitive chip)
90° lens angle
IP68 waterproof
Prevents accidents
Trajectory tracks
Reverse park like a pro